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I'm thrilled you're here!  Check out my interviews with the top Christian media makers.  There's more interviews on my website:


Apr 17, 2018

More with "Mr. Movie," Executive VP of Affirm Films/Sony Pictures, Rich Peluso.  A fascinating continuation of one my favorite interviews.  Script development, financing, production, distribution, marketing... the only thing this guy doesn't oversee is the popcorn.  If you're interested in Christian movies and how they...

Apr 17, 2018

They call him "Mr. Movie."  Rich is the Executive VP of Affirm Films/Sony Pictures (ie Big Cheese).  The man who oversees movies like: "Risen," "Heaven Is For Real," "War Room," "Soul Surfer"... just to name a few. We discuss the new movie, "Paul, the Apostle of Christ" and so many aspects of what goes on behind the...

Mar 6, 2018

Go behind the scenes of the Christian Film Industry with Bill Reeves from Working Title, who worked on such films as "War Room," "God's Not Dead" and "Veggie Tales-Jonah."  Interview from February, 2016.