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I'm thrilled you're here!  Check out my interviews with the top Christian media makers.  There's more interviews on my website:


Mar 23, 2018

My second interview with my son, Dave Altizer.  Dave talks about producing content for YouTube and how YouTube is changing the way the culture views media.  Interviews Feb. 2018.

Mar 13, 2018

An interview with film director, Jon Erwin, from the movie making team the Erwin Brothers ("Woodlawn," "Mom's Night Out," "October Baby"). We discuss their new movie “I Can Only Imagine” as well as the generation that is leaving the church and going to the movie theater. A fascinating discussion on the generation...

Mar 13, 2018

Actor, producer, writer and director.  Kevin was one of the producers of the movie, "I Can Only Imagine," as well as other Erwin Brothers movies.  Kevin discusses the role of the producer and why he has acting roles in so many of the movies he produces. Interviewed March, 2018

Mar 13, 2018

Southern gospel music singer that has been Grammy nominated and a Dove award winner.  We discuss his struggles with addiction while he sang with "The Perry's."  A deep, personal and touching interview. Interviewed March, 2018.

Mar 7, 2018

Producer and record company exec, Dan Posthuma is a fixture in the music industry.  A fascinating discussion of the inner workings of the Christian music industry. Interviewed in August, 2017.